From the distant South of the world, the Faro of the Utopia  ( Lighthouse of the Utopy ) illuminates with the light of the soul the minds and the hearts of the men to guide them in the footpath of the spiritual evolution promoting the good will, the straight human relations, the faith, hope, solidarity and charity, since undoubtedly a better world is possible. In this Website of my own construction, you will find different writings that express a humanist and transcendent vision of the human being, understood as an integrity bio-psico-socio-espiritual, capable of discovering the sense of his life gaining access to the love, cultivating his intelligence and moderating his will to overcome this way all the crisises and difficulties. This is a modest contribution to the education, the culture and the material and spiritual development of the peoples. It is destined to persons of any age, sex, race, social condition, religion or credence; in reality the only and radical difference that must for us matter is if they continue the footpath of the Good or of the Evil. Only some specific materials stand out especially for the young people, I motivate today of our biggest worries, as way of them helping facing them healthily, clarifying them and motivating them so that they look and find a sense to his life, fighting in consequence for the ideal noblemen who hoard, avoiding this way the danger of falling down in the existential gap or the addictions. This Website, which I have prepared modestly, is sustained nevertheless by the powerful ideal one: credence in which a worthier way of life for all with access to the feeding, housing, education and work is not alone necessarily but an inalienable and intrinsic human right of the condition humanizes. Those that for work of the compassion and infinite grace of That Being to whom vaguely we give the God's name, we have been illuminated by a spark of your resplendence, we must operate as transmitters of your light in the Earth, to any cost. That one is now and always our essential task; the crisis that flogs our planet with the globalization of the wild capitalism is in essence spiritual, ethical and of values. We have not to lose heart either, generally nobody is a prophet in his ground and the pioneering ideas only are recognized in his worth a lot of time later. With base in the integral Synthesis, it is always enriching to know that the Only God transmits us the same message in the diverse cultures, philosophies and religions. Any human being must read at least once the Bible and Baghavad Gita or Celestial Singing (the Bible of East, the Yogi's translation Ramacharaka is one of the best); both books are treasures of the universal culture and source of inexhaustible inspiration, so much for the believer as for the one who it is not. It starts remaining clear that Fides et Ratio, faith and reason, are not antagonistic but complementary concepts. This also demonstrates in the field of the psychology; beyond the fashions passengers and intelectuallizations, we are advancing towards a conception fewer mechanismly, biological and instintivisctly of the human being. Today the idea arises strongly more holístic of conceiving to the human being as an integrity bio-psicho-socio-spiritual, opened to the transcendency and the achievement of values. The psychoanalytic conception, which so much has reached port in this field, suffers from great anthropological lack, is necessary to enrich it so and to complete it with the humanistic contributions of other currents as Logoteraphy of Dr. Viktor Frankl, the Existential Analysis and even educations coming of the spiritual philosophy like those of Alice Bailey. We can affirm that we are advancing in direction of a Transcendent Psychology, in the frame of a new Education for the spiritual progress, not only to accumulate knowledge. Especially, very big is the responsibility of those who do politics today; so many times in the last years there has been prevaricated and defrauded the popular will, which turns out to be to them difficult to be believable. Personally, I believe that after a lot of time of deferments, our first Patagonian President realizes a project of serious and honest country, I hope continue this footpath for our good as inhabitants and for example of the world, as express in my last essay: " the South also resists! " . This modest contribution, prepared working alone in Argentina with an old computer, with the generous support of a web server of Spain, with the affective support and recommendation of a sensitive woman of Brighton, England, and the recognition of the most popular searcher of USA, it´s a clear sample of the iron cooperation will of the human spirit looking for a noble ideal, and it demonstrates that Internet is the point of meeting of the new world citizen and symbol of the universal brotherhood that we have to promote urgently between the peoples.

It dawns a new spiritual age, the leaders of the world civilized as your Holiness Juan Pablo II anticipate it, prepare all us with deep dedication so the rediscovery and the reappearance of the christic spirit in us is next, in such a sense, an irrefutable truth is imposed on us: " only for the love it will be saved the human being ". That they could these writings inspire although it is to a person and to improve his conduct and life, already it will be a sufficient reward, so " the one who saves a soul, the whole humanity saves ".

Juan Martín Nuñez, Bachelor of Psychology (UBA-University Buenos Aires) Ph.D.  in Logotherapy (University Catholic Argentina), Creator and Principal of the Website Faro of the Utopy, Santos Lugares, Argentina, 2004 


Utopia: (of the gr. ou, not, and moles, place: a place that does not exist - still-; imaginary country invented by the English chancellor Tomás Moro for title of one his books). Imaginary Concepcion of an ideal government. System or plan that seems impossible to realize. We say of an extraordinary project. 

















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